Explorative Silhouettes

Distorted Utility in lower levels

the uncharted territory of silhouettes. These garments have transcended traditional boundaries, emerging as living embodiments of avant-garde expression. Through a symphony of fabric manipulation and structural experimentation, each silhouette narrates a story of its own—redefining form and function in a world where artistic rebellion meets utilitarian necessity.

Inspiration: Wear to Work Meets Dystopia:

The essence of the collection draws inspiration from the very heart of everyday functionality—workwear. However, in this dystopian narrative, the concept takes an unforeseen twist. Ancient military uniforms and tactical gear, once symbols of order and authority, are co-opted by the people. These resilient garments, born from a desire for survival and a rebellion against the status quo, serve as both armor and canvas.

Intersecting Realities: In this imagined dystopian reality, the juxtaposition of utilitarian clothing with an insurgent spirit results in a collection that is both provocative and thought-provoking. As the world around us shifts, fashion too evolves to mirror the tensions and aspirations of society. The garments challenge conformity, blur the lines between necessity and expression, and demand a reconsideration of our perceptions.

A Reflection of Identity: "Distorted Utility" invites viewers to explore the multilayered meanings woven into each fabric fold. It reflects not only the shift in the concept of work and utility but also the transformation of personal identity in the face of adversity. In this journey, viewers are encouraged to ponder the role of clothing as a tool of empowerment and a canvas for storytelling.

Embrace the Unconventional: Step into the realm of "Distorted Utility" and discover a collection that defies convention, challenges norms, and celebrates the infinite potential of fashion to reshape our perceptions of the world.*

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[Note: This is inspired by the short film lowerlevels from laharashi.ltd  an exhibition label for a fashion collection that reimagines workwear in a dystopian context.]